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Produced with you

Together, we made the bag Evolution 2.

The ventral bag (front compartment): a long story…

The story of the ventral compartment design is emblematic of how to act Raidlight. It began in 2001 at the Marathon des Sables, ran for the first time by Benoît Laval.
On this occasion, he met two Moroccan brothers, who won nine times this extreme race of 240km. They developed a bag, from their experience and also from other riders before them. Benoît Laval worked with one of them, inspire them to make a first version of a front / rear bag tested in competition in 2003.

Then this new bag is subjected to critical opinions of customers and Raidlight does a consultation to their users to make this product better.
55 of them suggest improvements, such as a card holder or a strap included for wear as a purse, outside of the races (the names of 55 customers who helped us are screenprinted on the back of bags Evolution 2).
The result is both a technical product and a wider public, especially to light-hiking.

10 Juin 2014
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